Why Staging Works

1. Staging creates the desire within the potential buyer: When the buyer walks through the door and sees the 'home of their dreams’, (which is the ultimate goal in staging), they will move 'heaven and earth' to make it happen. *Statistically, 67% of the time, the female in the relationship makes the home purchase buying decision. When she loves a property, she will convince her partner...this is the house for them!

*Note: Information gathered from RESA: Real Estate Staging Association, 2013.

2. Staged properties will go into multiple offers:  This occurs far more often with staged properties, as opposed to un-staged properties. Selling, sometimes, for as much as tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price.

3. A staged property will sit on the market for a VERY short period of time: Finesse Interiors Staging and ReDesign properties are on the market, on average, SIX days (based on statistics from the past 14 years - 1999 to present). This allows the sellers to get back to living in their comfort zone, sooner.

4. Un-staged houses are often used only as the comparable: When a realtor shows multiple properties in a neighbourhood, the staged properties are the ones that sell first. The un-staged properties are used only to compare things, like number of bedrooms, square footage, condition, location, etc.

5. Staging will get you the high end of the range: When talking with your realtor about real estate value when establishing the list price, there is normally a price range (low - high). Remember...you cannot go over the range when setting a price in a staged house. Buyers are EXTREMELY savvy with all the important information at their fingertips (internet) and will not over pay for a property. However, you might get more money if the property goes into multiple offers..hence, driving the price up to whatever the buyer and seller ultimately agree upon.

Sue Kempton can share stories of properties selling for 95% (lowest we have seen in nearly a decade) of asking price to more than $200,000 OVER the asking price. Finesse Interiors has even staged a property that SOLD in ONE hour! Finesse Interiors has helped to secure nearly $1 BILLION in real estate sales since 1999.

Sue Kempton CCSP, RESA is the President and Lead Stager at Finesse Interiors Staging & ReDesign, Durham’s Premier Staging Company. Finesse Interiors also has a full inventory of rental furniture and decor to take your property straight to SOLD!

For more information on Real Estate Staging and how Finesse Interiors can help, please contact Sue at finesseinteriors@rogers.com